Horn loudspeakers systems developed and manufactured in Germany by perfectionists for perfectionists. Cessaro will recreate your favourite concert hall experience in your listening room.

Horn loudspeakers that offer a ‘live’ musical experience without colouration, relaxed yet dynamic, tangible real!

Experience lightning fast transients, incredible explosive dynamics, instruments and voice reproduced naturally and realistically, bringing you simply closer to real music in your home.

Dynamics & Emotion horn systems developed and manufactured in Germany by idealists for idealists, who simply want to enjoy music.


Designed and manufactured without limitation or compromise. Using the very finest, components and manufacturing techniques. We use TAD (Technical Audio Devices – Japan) drivers and hand built paper cone drivers with alnico or field coil drive units.

All horns are turned from solid Birch ply. The Alpha can be upgraded into the Beta or even the Gamma, simply by purchasing the requisite parts. You will never have to sell a pair of loudspeakers again.

The modular concept allows you to change finishes or veneers. If you should move, every conceivable colour or real wood veneer is available.

Every pair of speakers are installed and optimised for your listening position, each horn can be adjusted for both angle and rake. With our philosophy, you will receive a speaker system which is a lifetime investment.


  • Wagner 1

    WAGNER I THE IMAGE HIFI AWARD WINNER 2016 IN THE CATEGORY LOUDSPEAKER Our new model Wagner I isn´t just a replacement of our previous and successful Chopin I. Every detail which made our Chopin I so famous is included, but ... Read More

  • Alpha II

    ALPHA II START WITH A CESSARO MODULAR HORN CONCEPT Our new Alpha II version is an improvement in sound, design and perfection. The Cessaro Alpha II is unlike any loudspeaker you have ever heard, music reproduction more life-like than you ... Read More

  • Beta 0.5 II

    BETA 0.5 II THE CESSARO BETA 0.5 II IS COMPLETELY UNLIKE OTHER HI-FI LOUDSPEAKERS there is no compression or distortion, this model is dynamic, yet delicate with the most beautiful tone. A perfect step between our Alpha II and Beta ... Read More

  • Liszt II

    LISZT II THE CESSARO LISZT II SYSTEM OFFERS UNSURPASSED DYNAMICS AND REALISM WITH ANY GENRE OF MUSIC. Our new Liszt II is another new model of the static-series like our Wagner and Beethoven II. There is no need for external ... Read More