Our new model Wagner I isn´t just a replacement of our previous and successful Chopin I. Every detail which made our Chopin I so famous is included, but the Wagner I has been enhanced by a fine-tune on every part responsible for the music bandwidth. During the development of the Wagner I, our intention was to build a state of the art Cessaro speaker for small rooms between 15 to 30 square meters. It was done without a cost-benefit-analysis in order to get the best sound possible for small to medium sized rooms. The sound of the Wagner I is even more dramatical and emotional and it will drag you right into the music. Each note will touch you in a way that you always felt it has to. How could we get so much more of everything with the Wagner I? First of all by the use of our new composite horn technology. The new very heavy 26 cm (10 inch) spherical horn causes a tremendous and dramatic change to the sound. Next in line is a modified TAD-TD-2002 as the horn drive unit. Pure silver Mica-Capacitors for the tweeter horn with a modified crossover and a new cabinet construction add 40 kg to each speaker compared to the Chopin I. The Cessaro Wagner I is a 2-way horn loudspeaker system.


When it comes to drivers our quality standard is the Japanese top manufacturer TAD. Even if TAD drivers are only rarely used nowadays because of their pricing structure, they are without an alternative for the technical realization of our acoustical demands.

TAD drivers with their beryllium diaphragm offer the benefit to react twice as fast as other diaphragm materials. Also, it is light and stable like no other material. Because of the rapidity, acoustical details can be reproduced, that couldn’t be heard otherwise. Speakers with beryllium diaphragm also react significantly more impulsive.

Technical Specs:

Horn System: – 2-way
Power Handling: – 20 watts
Impedance: – 6 ohms
Efficiency: – 98dB 1 watt/1 mtr
Max Output: – > 109dB
Frequency Range: – 30 – 20kHz
Bass: – Special Hornreflex 8″ Alnico Driver
Treble: – Spherical Horn 1″ Alnico Compression Driver (TAD TD-2002)
Recommended Power: – >1.5 watts
Recommended Amplifier: – High Quality
Recommended Room: – 15 – 30 square metres
Recommended Distance: – >2 metres
Height: – 132cm
Width: – 36cm
Depth: – 78cm
Total weight: – 110kg per speaker