GT Audio are UK distributors for:


Horn loudspeakers that offer a ‘live’ musical experience without colouration, relaxed yet dynamic, tangible and real!

Tron Electric

Electronics that deliver a truly emotional musical experience…


Like grains of natural sound flowing into a three dimensional soundstage, like strings of diamonds and pearls…

Components that complement the brands above:


Novafidelity, is a range of streaming based products made by Novotron Co, Ltd. – a company focused on creating high quality multimedia players that deliver innovation and performance to consumers since 2003. Their extensive product range consists of pure digital music servers, streamers, player/DACs

Miyajima Labs

Noriyuki Miyajima has had a love of music forever, first as a hobby, then as a specialist dealer and more recently as a manufacturer. Using real wood, diamonds and delicate coils, Noriyuki prides himself on honesty. With several patents and


It all began when Micha Huber sought for a way to combine the advantages of a conventional pivoted tonearm and those of a linear tangential pick-up arm. The solution method is based on the well-known elementary school aid to construct