When Emotion Matters

For passionate music lovers, TRON builds stunning electronics that deliver a truly emotional musical experience. Every amplifier is designed and hand built by Graham Tricker who selects each individual component based on one criterion alone: what will deliver absolute sound quality to free the soul of the music? Graham has been building and developing his amplifiers for over thirty years and has tried and tested almost every commercially available high-end component in the search for musical perfection.
The result? TRON.

The Master Craftsman
Graham is of craftsman lineage. His father was a master tailor who owned the oldest tailoring business in London’s famous Savile Row, producing the very best bespoke suits from the finest English cloth. This attention to detail and subtlety of design makes the difference between quality you can see, and that which you can feel; this innate appreciation is in Graham Tricker’s genes. Graham has an electronics background, having spent over thirty years in the telecoms industry, working with and refining valve designs from the inside out down to the finest of details to a quality standard that simply does not exist today. Graham builds a relationship with every product that leaves the workshop, making the tiniest of adjustments at every turn to ensure perfection.

The Passion
Passion for music is at the heart of TRON. Graham’s breadth of musical knowledge is astounding; such is his passion. This is another characteristic that runs in the family; Graham’s four daughters are a combination of singers, pianists, violinists, flutists – the powerful emotions that music delivers are a passion for every one of them, and this runs through their daily lives. If Graham is not meticulously building an amplifier to make music, he is immersed in it.

The Products
Each product that Graham designs is the result of years of fine-tuning and experimentation. As each circuit is built, Graham modifies and improves from each construction experience. Changes are incorporated to get the ‘perfect circuit’. You will only get this level of attention to detail from a true designer/maker. This evolution means the final designs have matured over years of development to become 100% reliable. The simplicity and elegance of the circuit design creates a synergy and harmony that reveals a purity of sound, not just a deconstruction of the notes. No detail is missed, no compromises are made, just the constant improvements that are the mark of a true craftsman.

For more detailed information about TRON please visit the Tron-Electric website.