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Superb machines from Novafidelity...#Repost Audio-philia
NOVAFiDELITY X45 PRO, when streaming takes over.

Got to get your own? Available to order now, follow the link in our bio or give us a call.
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Superb machines from Novafidelity...

1 week ago

Introducing the new TRON Atlantic DACIntroducing the new TRON Atlantic DAC. ... See MoreSee Less

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Looks stunning - bet it sounds as good as it looks

1 month ago

These are excellent machines...[fullrange_audiowebzine Review] 19 things multi-players can do-X45Pro Music Player.....

For the X 45Pro viewing in the full-range viewing room, Odiaflight's integrated amplifier FLS10 and Verity Audio's floor-standing speaker Leonore were used. A LAN cable was plugged into the X45Pro, and the X45Pro and FLS10 were connected by a balanced inter-cable. As the sound source, I used my MacBook as a rune core, and I listened to the Cozuz streaming sound source and the stored sound source as a rune.

Eric Clapton's 'Wonderful Tonight' is played before watching the full-fledged movie, so the colorful album jacket photos are unfolding on the front 7-inch screen. Next to the jacket photo, the album title, song title, and play time were displayed as 'Korean'. When you turn the knob to enter the 'Home' screen, input, FM radio, browser, settings, Music DB, CD ripping, playlist, I-service, etc. are ready. CD ripping could not be selected from the screen, which seems to be because the viewing model does not have storage such as HDD or SDD. I-services were prepared for Co-Booze, Spotify, Tiedal, Dizzer, and Podcast.

The first impression of the sound is that the sound is comfortable, the stage is invisible and relatively transparent. The DAC performance was flawless in terms of resolution or dynamic range, thanks to the use of one 9038Pro chip per channel. I also briefly looked at the performance of the headphone amplifier, and Billy Irish's “Bad Guy,” which I heard with my Audi LCD-2 Classic, is a feast of resolution and detail. However, I ate a lot of volume, but it was only about 58 to get the desired volume. However, it was unfortunate in terms of power to use it as a dedicated headphone amplifier.

Audio Reviewer: Kim Pyeon
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These are excellent machines...

1 month ago

Tron ElectricIt is just so easy to lose the nuances at the first stage of the amplification and this has driven Graham to work so meticulously on the Syren II as a personal project. Graham handcrafts each Syren II as an act of passion, which takes him nearly 2 weeks full time (over 70 hours of skilled labour). Probably the most difficult stage of amplification in any system is the first as it is dealing with the most sensitive signal, anything lost at this point will disappear forever. The preamplifier has the primary responsibility of preserving the music signal where the key is to maximise the dynamics and minimise any corruption, which will be magnified further down the signal path. Graham's designs are by their very nature simple and concise, using the shortest possible signal path. A circuit board is used in preference to hard wiring because, when executed properly, it is more effective in reducing noise, resulting in a quieter background allowing more musical information to be heard. As with most things it all comes down to the quality and the execution. All circuit boards are not equal; Tron uses 1.6mm thick rigid boards that help stabilise micro resonances. The tracks are made of very high purity copper and elegantly laid out to minimise the length of the signal path.

The Syren II is designed using four carefully divided partitions. These partitions help reduce the disruptive effect of magnetic, mechanical and electrical fields for the critical aspects of the circuit. All the components are oriented spatially to limit interference, and are of the highest quality available. Most are specially made to order and the strip core transformers and chokes are individually hand wound. This guarantees perfect pitch, rich tonal colour, and exposes the subtle timing and harmonic structure of the music, where lesser components corrupt and compress the signal. If you listen to a violin up very close then you can literally hear the harmonious chorus of every tiny resonance, and it is precisely this rich textural musical signature that we are passionate about preserving in combination with the timing and dynamics of the performance, in essence, to deliver the emotion of the music.
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1 month ago

Interesting...If you’re attempting to work from home, a conundrum has probably presented itself: how can you get anything done in a distracting environment amid unsettled times?

Check out The Guardian's article – "Music can boost your productivity while working from home" – buff.ly/2z3d3vT
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2 months ago

Very easy to set up and use these Novafidelity Music Server/Streamer and Digital Transports, they sound great and are beautifully built too.Bliss πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ“ΈπŸ”Š HiFi-Journal.de
X45 with HDMI @ TV. Operating the GUI comfortably from the Couch...
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Very easy to set up and use these Novafidelity Music Server/Streamer and Digital Transports, they sound great and are beautifully built too.

4 months ago

Very nice, like my demo pair...Shipping out a custom pair of Birdseye Maple O/93s today. ... See MoreSee Less

Very nice, like my demo pair...
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