Our new Alpha II version is an improvement in sound, design and perfection. The Cessaro Alpha II is unlike any loudspeaker you have ever heard, music reproduction more life-like than you could possibly have imagined. The system is capable of playing everything from a small ensemble to a full orchestra without distortion or compression.

This model is built on a modular concept which allows you to upgrade to the Beta II or Gamma II at any time, simply by purchasing the additional parts. It is not necessary to sell your Cessaro horn loudspeaker system. The Cessaro Alpha II is a 3-way horn loudspeaker system


When it comes to drivers our quality standard is the Japanese top manufacturer TAD. Even if TAD drivers are only rarely used nowadays because of their pricing structure, they are without an alternative for the technical realization of our acoustical demands.

TAD drivers with their beryllium diaphragm offer the benefit to react twice as fast as other diaphragm materials. Also, it is light and stable like no other material. Because of the rapidity, acoustical details can be reproduced, that couldn’t be heard otherwise. Speakers with beryllium diaphragm also react significantly more impulsive.

Horn System: – 3-way
Power Handling: – 300w
Impedance: – 8 ohms
Efficiency: – 98dB 1 watt/1 metre
Max Output: – > 122dB
Frequency Range: – 34 – 45000Hz
Bass: – Backloaded Horn with a 16″ Alnico driver
Mid: – Spherical Horn 2″ Alnico compression driver
Treble: – Spherical Horn 0.5″ Cobalt compression driver
Recommended Power: – >1.5 watts
Recommended Amplifier: – High Quality
Recommended Room: – >20 square metres
Recommended Distance: – > 2.5 metres
Height: – 176cm
Width: – 58cm
Depth: – 84cm
Total Weight: – Plywood 210kgs per speaker/Composite 340kgs per speaker