This kit is designed to elevate the performance of the highly respected original Quad II power amplifier, this newly-developed power supply kit is a direct replacement for the original Quad item. The kit delivers a large improvement in sound. You will hear more detail, better resolution, larger soundstage (width and depth) and faster transients. In fact, every aspect of the sound is improved including signal to noise.

The high performance capacitor is a direct replacement fit for the original part and is located using the same screw holes and fixing hardware as the original part. The original power supply capacitor is simply removed and replaced with the high performance unit. No additional work is required and can be fitted in about 10 minutes. The parts used in this kit are of very high quality. They will not deteriorate over time like the originals and will outlast the life of the amplifier.

The high performance power supply is supplied in pairs, so is perfect if you have a pair of Quad II amplifiers and is only available from G T Audio.

Note: there may be a slight difference to the parts supplied compared to those in the pictures but the performance and specification are exactly the same.

This kit has been very popular with Quad II owners. G T Audio can undertake to fit this kit if requested and can also ship worldwide.