I have for sale a wonderful matched pair of Voigt Corner Horns (serial numbers 217 & 222) from 1938 in a mahogany finish with boxwood bindings. I have owned these for nearly 30 years and now it is time to find a new custodian for these extremely rare speakers. These originally belonged to Voigt Collector John Howes and were his personal pair before I bought them back in the early 1990s. They come with a pair of newly reconed Lowther PM2Cs and will show many a current speaker a clean pair of heals, as being a horn design they are very efficient and very dynamic. These are also woodworm free and are completely undamaged. Newly remade versions of these speakers changed hands for in excess of £20,000 in the early 2000s. These are extremely rare singularly, but a matching pair is even rarer to find.


If you are interested then please email me with a sensible offer as I am looking for these to go to a good home.