Here is my personal Tron Seven full function preamplifier in Ultimate spec and includes a very nice MC phono stage. It was built to the highest standard and is fully silver wired and for an all in one case preamp with a MC phono stage it really doesn’t get much better than this. This unit has been very rarely used. I would estimate its had about 30 hours of use and is in excellent condition.

The Seven Pre comes with 4 line level RCA inputs, a phono input for vinyl replay and a tape loop, as well as the mono/stereo switch, mute switch, earth lift switch, silver RCA sockets and a non ferrous case like the Seven Phono and Line. Of course this too is made in the UK. It also has fitted a very high quality Elma selector switch and a close tolerance Noble volume control.
The phono stage featured in the Seven Pre is a brand new design and is set for use with low output MC cartridges (0.24mV to 0.6mV).

The Seven Pre’s line stage, being identical to the stand-alone Seven Line, provides up to +15dB of gain. The output stage is a low impedance high current design, which enables it to be used with any power amplifier, whether transistor or valve. Additional partitioning has been employed internally to help reduce any magnetic and electrical fields for the critical aspects of the circuit ensuring a low noise design.

Inputs: 1 RCA Phono input (L & R) & 4 RCA Line inputs (L & R).
Outputs: 2 RCA main output (L & R) & 1 RCA tape output (L & R).
Controls: Input Selector, Volume control, Mono/Stereo switch and a Mute switch.
Valve Complement: 2 × 12AX7 (low noise), 2 × 5687.
Frequency Response: 5Hz–37.5kHz ± 3dB. RIAA within ± 0.5dB
Phono Gain: 68dB – MC gain.
Equalisation: RIAA.
Line Gain: 15dB.
Output Impedance: <600 Ohms
Mains Supply: 115–240 volts AC (50–60Hz). Earth lift included on rear panel.
Power Consumption: Nominal 12 watts
Dimensions (mm): 450w × 103h × 335d
Weight: 7kg (net)

Price when made was £9995.