I have for sale a very nice Brinkmann LaGrange Turntable dual tonearm version. This is in very good condition and has been very little used since purchased in 2012. It comes with the standard bearing heater and also the very desirable tube motor power supply. I have two wooden boxes One for the turntable and one for the platter and other ancillaries. The turntable can be supplied with either one or both of the following tonearms: Thales Simplicity Tonearm as shown else where in the for sales section. Alternatively it can be fitted with a Brinkmann 10.5 tonearm also shown in the for sales section. Both of these tonearms had been fitted to this turntable in the past.

Here is a description from the Brinkmann website:

Utmost mechanical stability is a prerequisite for perfect LP reproduction. In order to achieve it, all parts have to be made with extremely tight tolerances. In order to rotate the »LaGrange’s« platter, weighing in at 16 kilograms, securely and without radial run out, the bearing has to have extremely tight clearance and absolutely minimal play. But with tolerances that tight, the different coefficients of expansion of the materials used begin to come into play. We therefore heat the bearing electronically in order to render it insensitive to temperature changes.

The platter measures 9 cm in height and is slightly tapered towards the bottom. It is composed of a resonance-free alloy containing aluminum, copper, magnesium and several other materials. The LP is pressed onto the crystal glass platter top by means of a screw-down clamp. This intimate contact leads any tracking related vibrations quickly and directly into the platter. We offer the »LaGrange« turntable in versions for one or two tonearms up to 12 inches length. The arm bases are securely fixed to the base plate by means of adjustable collars.

Adjustment of the tonearm is easily and precisely done by simply loosening a small set screw and rotating the arm base. The platter is driven via a precision ground round belt. Two speeds (33 1/3 and 45 rpm) are individually adjustable and selectable by buttons. The power supply for the drive and heating of the bearing is built with solid-state elements. The sound quality can further be optimized by using the optional »RöNt« power supply with vacuum tube technology for the drive, whilst keeping the solid-state power supply for the bearing heater. Customers and the audio press alike are truly thrilled by the performance of the »LaGrange«, claiming it plays music with a hitherto unheard-of transparency.


Drive:- precision ground round belt

Dimensions (WxDxH):- 550 x 400 x 140 mm

Weight:- 30 kg (1 arm), 32 kg (2 arms)

Platter weight:- 16 kg, Ø 316 mm, height 90 mm.

Platter surface:- planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting)

Tonearm base:- one each for 9 to 10.5” and 10.5…12.1” tonearms

Tonearm mountings are available for virtually any tonearm, easy and quick exchange and adjustments are provided via a collar system.

Included in delivery:- turntable, screw-down record clamp, solid state power supply, tools

Options:- »RöNt« (tube power supply), additional arm bases

The price includes the following:- Turntable, Bearing power supply, Tube motor power supply, Two tonearm board mountings and a record clamp. Tonearms can be purchased in the for sale section, or just contact me for details.

By all means contact me if you are interested in this turntable.