I have just received these wonderful horn speakers for sale. I supplied these and have maintained them since 2007. They are Finished in a beautiful Pearlescent white which was a £1200 option. The subwoofers are finished in a lovely metallic black finish (£900 option) and all 4 of their 10” drivers are all in perfect condition.

Avantgarde Duo Omega horn loudspeakers with actively controlled subwoofers with 2 x 10′′ drivers and an inbuilt amplifier in each subwoofer. Both the midrange >170 Hz and the high frequency units are horn designs and this pair are completely wired with pure silver wire. The Subwoofers are finished in a lovely metallic black lacquer that gives a very impressive finish in the sunlight. The frames, horn tubes and other metalwork are finished in a matt metallic finish. Both speakers are in excellent condition.


Power handling: 100W
Impedance: 18 ohms
Frequency range: 22Hz to 30 kHz
Efficiency: 104dB (perfect for 8-watt and above single-ended triode amplifiers)
Dimensions: Width: 670mm, Depth: 670mm, Height: 1.67m (highest position on frame)
Weight per loudspeaker: 143lbs (65kg)

In 2013 these speakers were internally rewired with pure silver wire as used in the matching TRON Duo/Duo Omega silver wiring loom (also available for these speakers). WBT speaker binding posts throughout.
Also available is a matching TRON Silver wire DUO speaker loom (5 metre stereo pair) specifically designed and made for the Avantgarde Duos at a cost of £5200 back in 2010. I might split out this cable from the DUO sale if anyone is interested in the silver loom. The loom basically connects all drivers directly to the amplifier without the need of any link straps between the subs and other 2 horns.

To buy a speaker system like this today would cost over £30,000 plus the cabling, so around £35,000.

Price £10,000 including the silver wiring loom. Offers welcome.