Zerodust Stylus-Tip Cleaner
Zerodust Stylus-Tip Cleaner is made of newly developed ultra soft plastic and is unprecedented high performance cleaner and easy to use. As the cleaning element of Zerodust is softer and has 15 times more elasticity than a baby skin, this mysterious material will never damage a delicate stylus.


How to Use:
Lightly press a stylus tip once or twice onto the Zerodust cleaning element, and pull it up. The element accepts the tip very naturally and finely removes dust over the tip for noise and muddy free sound. Dust now stick to the cleaning element leaving no scum thanks to so designed ingredients of the element material.
Zerodust – How to Use: the container case top works as a magnifier convenient for precise check of the tip condition before and after cleaning.
When the cleaning element is stained, wash it in warm water with a little amount of neutral detergent. Dust can easily be removed, and you can use Zerodust repeatedly and long time.

Zerodust Z-Cloth Record Cleaning Cloth for CD/LD/DVD
also good for cleaning camera lenses, glasses, etc. without using any lotion or liquid.

Zerodust Z-CLOTH is a high technology processed polyester cleaning cloth similar to those used in clean rooms for semiconductor processing. Super refined fibres are woven to a textile so as not to give off dust yet to absorb it, and the textile rim is heat welded to avoid yarn ladders and washed in pure water to class 100 level.

The Z-Cloth is also usable for cleaning of the plastic lens of a camera and glasses. If the lens is stained with minute sands or hard metal powders, it is required to remove them with a brush before using Z-Cloth so that the lens surface can not be scratched.

Size: 228 x 228mm
Material: polyesther
Finish: pure water washed to Class 100, and sealed off in a polybag