Mr Seiji Yoshioka uses mature as his reference palette, capturing emotion and skillfully blending the musical landscape, in order to release the potential of the recorded material through these 3 wonderfully individual works of art.

  • Proteus


    Mr Seiji Yoshioka’s pioneering spirit and sustained commitment to the perfection of moving coil phono cartridges is represented by his latest and unfathomable flagship model – “THE PROTEUS” The Proteus can only be understood in musical and emotional terms; it ... Read More

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  • Phoenix S


    The Phoenix S builds on the virtues of the Axia S, presenting the listener with an extended palette of natural tonal colours, voices with more body, a larger space and a greater musical involvement. With the addition of a second ... Read More

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  • Axia S


    The Axia S may well impress and surprise the music lover’s first foray into the world of Transfiguration – moving coil cartridges. The design reveals a coherently musical and natural presentation, setting it apart from many exaggerated “Hi-Fi” interpreters. Its ... Read More

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